Quick Answer: Will The IPhone 12 Have 5g?

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Which iPhone will have 5g?

5 November 2018: iPhone 12 will be the first 5G iPhone

The Fast Company reported in November 2018 that Apple would use Intel’s 8161 5G modems in 2020 [which turned out to be false as work on that modem was binned] which led many to assume the first 5G compatible iPhone would be the iPhone 12.

Is there an iPhone 12 coming out?

Our best guess is the iPhone 12 will be released in September 2020. Although no official announcement has been made by Apple, it is largely expected that the next generation iPhone (following the iPhone 11 series, we assume it will be called iPhone 12) will be unveiled at an autumn event in 2020.

Will the iPhone 11 have 5g?

Your new iPhone 11 doesn’t have 5G, but you shouldn’t care. Commentary: Analysts say a lack of 5G could hurt iPhone sales in 2019, but Apple’s reputation won’t feel the brunt for long. The iPhone 11 channels 4G speeds this year. You won’t see 5G on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro or any Apple iPhone until at least 2020.

Should I buy iPhone 11 or wait for 12?

You should wait for the iPhone 12 . When the phone is released and you think that Apple didn’t do a huge upgrade from 11 to 12, you can buy the iPhone 11 as it is one of the best phone in the market . And if you think the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have vast differences you can go for the iPhone 12.