Will IPhone XR Price Drop?

Why did iPhone XR price drop?

Apple is reducing the selling price of the latest iPhone XR by up to 22% from Friday to boost sales. Apple had to increase the launch price of the new iPhones last September due to depreciation of the rupee against the dollar and 20% import duties since it does not manufacture its flagship models in India.

Will iPhone XR price drop in 2019?

During the keynote address, Tim Cook confirmed that the company will be selling its its iPhone 8 for $499 and its iPhone XR for $599 (compared to its previous price of $749), so yes, you’ll definitely be saving money if you decide to go with a slightly older model. While you have to wait until Friday, Sept.

Will iPhone prices drop?

Apple is expected to introduce new models in September, which means it will drop the price of older phones. If you don’t need the latest and greatest, you can save money by buying this year’s model at a discount. If it still sells this year’s iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max, those will also come down in price.

Is it good to buy iPhone XR now?

The XR is a great phone, great hardware with great software, it’s what Apple is known for. Now if you already have an iPhone X, then no, it’s not worth it because in some ways it will be a step down, you’ll trade the OLED display for an LCD and 2 rear cameras for just one.