Question: Why Does My Tampon Get Full Of Pee?

Why does my tampon fill up with urine?

Although a tampon won’t block the flow of urine, some pee might get on the tampon string as the pee flows out of your body.

Don’t worry if this happens.

Unless you have a urinary tract infection (UTI), your urine is sterile (bacteria-free).

Hold the string to the side when you pee.

Should you change your tampon every time you pee?

No, you don’t have to remove the tampon every time you urinate (pee) or defecate (poop). Urine (pee) and feces come out of different holes. Take the tampon out only when you think it’s ready to be changed. If there’s blood on the toilet paper when you wipe, it’s a good time to change your tampon.

Why do tampons leak when not full?

There are a couple of reasons you’re leaking: either you are using a tampon that isn’t the right fit for your vagina and your period is leaking around it, or you are flowing fast enough that the tampon is getting full before you change it.

Why do I still get wet with a tampon in?

If you can still get “wet” when you have a tampon in, we can rule out the idea of it coming from the uterus. So even though the tampon may be soaking up some of the vaginal lubrication, it is literally coming from everywhere that is the shiny mucus membrane of the vagina.