Question: Why Does My IPhone Show The Wrong Name?

Why does my iPhone show a different name?

Change the name of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

On your device, go to Settings > General, then tap About.

Tap the first line, which shows the name of your device.

Rename your device, then tap Done.

Why are my text messages going to the wrong person iPhone?

If you’re getting messages meant to go to another device or person in your family, it might be because your Apple ID is tied to their particular devices. To see which accounts are associated with your Apple ID, go to Settings>iCloud>select your account at the top>Devices. Head to Settings>Messages>Send & Receive.

Why is my number wrong on iPhone?

Go to Settings > Phone > My number and make sure it is correct. If not, enter the correct number. Turn your iPhone completely off for 10 seconds, then turn it back on. Go to Settings > Messages > iMessage and turn it back on.

How do you change your name from someone elses iPhone?

Open the Phone app and tap Contacts. Tap the contact you want to view, then tap Edit. Scroll down and tap add field > Nickname. Add a nickname and tap Done.