Quick Answer: Why Do Earbuds Have Magnets In Them?


Most earbuds use dynamic speaker drivers… which produce sound when the audio signal flows through a voice coil, generating an alternating magnetic field, which pushes against a fixed magnetic field, and that force moves the speaker cone or dome which is connected to the voice coil.

Why are there magnets in earbuds?

The reason why the sound unit of the earphone can convert audio signal (electric energy) into sound is that the magnetic field formed by the magnet interacts with the coil passing the audio signal so that the earphone diaphragm moves back and forth to vibrate the air and make the sound. Because it has magnets in it.

Are magnets in earbuds bad for you?

Every pair of earbuds/headphones have magnets in them, as of now there’s no solid evidence that proves that they are harmful or harmless to humans. Keep in mind that, what may be harmful to lab rats may not be harmful to humans as we are more resilient to radiation, etc.

Why do Apple earbuds have magnets?

Apple Invents an EarPods Magnetic System that will keep the Pods connected together for Easier Storing. Everyone that uses EarPods knows the delights of tangled wires. Apple’s patent FIG. 5 noted below illustrates a pair of asymmetrical magnetic polarity earphones with a built-in touch detector.

Why do earphones repel each other?

The current going through the coil is modulated so that it makes the coil move in the magnetic field and the diaphragm, which is attached to it. The movement of the diaphragm generates the sound. Why do they repel as opposed to attract? Because the two magnets are oriented the same way.

Can magnets damage AirPods?

The magnets in AirPods are relatively weak; you’d only put your laptop at risk if you had a seriously strong magnet, and even then, it might just cause your MacBook to fall asleep at its very worst.

Is it safe to have magnets near your head?

If the magnetic field is strong enough, and you move the magnet around, or move your head around, you might get some interesting visual effects. Magnets of that size and strength are dangerous and need to be handled with very careful attention to the proximity of any ferromagnetic objects or surfaces.