Quick Answer: Why Are Clothes From China So Cheap?

Is it safe to buy clothes made in China?

In clothes manufactured in China and Southeast Asia, the investigators found 100 to 500 times higher levels of formaldehyde than the level which is considered to be medically safe.

Textile toxins are difficult to avoid even when you do not wear clothes.

Are clothes made in China good quality?

But the quality of Chinese-made clothes is rising fast. But China is also home to a highly skilled, highly specialized garment industry, one that supply chain managers of global mass-market clothing brands, and even some high-end labels, regard as offering the best mix of price, speed, and—yes—quality.

Why products from China are so cheap?

Goods from China can be made cheaply in a variety of ways. Historically, low labor costs in China allowed a reduction is variable costs, which made our unit prices cheaper. This applies well to goods where labor costs make up a high percentage of the cost of goods.

Are clothes cheap in China?

Tailors and clothes are extremely cheap in China, but make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. This is an especially good souvenir if you go for a Chinese-style qipao dress.