What’s The Difference Between Oculus Quest 64gb And 128gb?

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Is the 64gb Oculus quest enough?

For those who use Oculus Quest only for games, The storage of 64GB is sufficient. As I mentioned above, it can store dozens of games at a time. When you get a new one, just uninstall the old one. Besides, the Oculus store doesn’t have many titles yet in the first place.

How many games fit on the 64gb Oculus quest?

Account for about 4-GB of reserve storage for Oculus OS and system apps and that works out to around 40 apps/games on the 64-GB model and about double that for 128-GB model. Keep in mind that Oculus introduced cloud save API to Quest developers late 2019 paving the wave for restore of progress on reinstall.

Is Oculus quest worth the money?

Yes the oculus quest is worth the price its 100x better than google cardboard is you can actually move ariund and grab and interact with things. If you are pretty certain you will be into VR and use it then it’s a great headset and definitely worth getting. It’s also not simply something relegated to beginners.

How much space does Oculus need?

Straight away it’s easy to tell Oculus Quest is easy to use. With no PC to deal with and no sensors to arrange around a play space all that’s required is a clutter-free area to enjoy some VR gaming in; around 2m x 2m is fine for roomscale.