Quick Answer: What Voids Apple Warranty?

Does replacing screen void Apple warranty?

The warranty does not cover cosmetic damage, so a scratched screen will not be repaired/replaced to fix the scratch.

However, the only time cosmetic damage will void the warranty entirely is if it is determined to indicate accidental damage, abuse or mis-use of the device in some way as to void the warranty.

What voids applecare warranty?

AppleInsider sources confirmed the legitimacy of the report, but noted even slight damage caused by out-of-network screen repairs, up to and including housing damage, will void Apple’s warranty and result in a full repair charge. Previously, repairs by out of network firms immediately voided Apple’s warranty.

What does the Apple 1 year warranty cover?

Yes, Apple 1 year warranty covers battery and screen too. Your Apple-branded item is justified against defects in materials and workmanship for a time of 1 year from the date of original purchase i.e. Warranty Period when utilized as a part of Apple extended warranty.

Can Apple tell if you had your screen replaced?

Apple Will Now Warn If Your Screen Is Not ‘Genuine’ After Repair. Apple has never been friendly to user repairs, but the company has opened a new front in its efforts to convince customers to only pay Apple to fix their own devices.