What Kind Of Prepaid Cards Does Walmart Sell?

How much is a Green Dot prepaid card?

The fees for the Green Dot Prepaid Visa® Card include a $7.95 monthly fee, a $3.00 ATM withdrawal fee, and a $5.95* cash reload fee.

However, the monthly fee will be waived if you load $1,000 or more in the previous monthly period..

Is Green Dot and Walmart money card the same?

The Walmart MoneyCard program, managed by Green Dot Corporation and issued by Green Dot Bank , was also named “Best Card” in three award categories, including Alternative Checking Account, Alternative Check Cashing Tool and Access to Electronic Transactions.

What kind of prepaid cards does Dollar General sell?

Netspend Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card.

Can you buy NetSpend cards at Walmart?

NetSpend has partnerships with many national chains, including Office Depot, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, and Walmart. The card’s purchase fee may range between $2.95 and $4.95; the average cost is $3.95, as is the reload fee.

Where do you get a prepaid Visa card?

Upon activation of your personalized card, you will be able to access all the benefits and features of your Green Dot prepaid card. You can purchase your card at one of thousands of retailers nationwide including CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Kroger, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, Walmart and many more. Find the retailer near you.

What prepaid card has no monthly fee?

The Bluebird® by American Express prepaid card is one option with no monthly fee and a $0 fee when you open your card online (or up to $5 in stores). This card is suitable for families, since users can open separate cards on the same account, called subaccounts, for their children ages 13 and up.

How much is a prepaid Visa card at Walmart?

Walmart MoneyCard PricingCard Purchase Fee$1.00Monthly Charge*$5.00Direct Deposit ReloadNo feeReload via Walmart check cashingNo feeRapid Reload$3.009 more rows

Does Family Dollar have prepaid Visa cards?

(Nasdaq:NTSP) announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement to sell the NetSpend Visa┬« Prepaid Debit Card at Family Dollar Stores, Inc. (NYSE:FDO) locations nationwide. … Family Dollar and NetSpend plan to make the prepaid cards available in more than 7,200 locations beginning this month.

Are prepaid cards free?

Prepaid cards are usually free if you sign up online. … The NetSpend┬« Visa┬« Prepaid Card, for example, charges $1.50 per purchase in the pay-as-you-go plan, and it doesn’t charge a monthly fee. Its monthly plan charges $9.95 per month or $5 with direct deposit, and no charges are added per purchase.

What’s the best prepaid card to get?

6 Best Prepaid Debit CardsBluebird by American Express: Cheapest.Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa: Cheapest.Fifth Third Access 360┬░ Reloadable Prepaid Card: Best for ATM withdrawals.FamZoo Prepaid Card: Best for parents.Greenlight Prepaid Mastercard: Best for parents.Walmart MoneyCard: Best for shopping at Walmart.More items…

Do they sell Green Dot cards at Walmart?

┬╣ Plus, easily add cash to account with the Green Dot App. ┬▓ Get a card at a Walmart near you.

What is the best prepaid card to buy at Walmart?

Walmart MoneyCardBest for Walmart Shoppers Walmart MoneyCard The Walmart MoneyCard is one of the few prepaid cards that offer rewards, although there is an annual cap on them. Even if you can’t get the monthly fee waived, the annual rewards are enough to pay for it.

What is a Walmart Green Dot card?

Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card enables you to get direct deposit, which allows you to get paid up to 2 days faster based off your payment provider’s process as well as their timing. Use when you are shopping online or making purchases at a grocery or to pay your bills.

Can you buy a prepaid Visa card at Dollar General?

Consumers can purchase the nFinanSe Visa Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card for only $3 and load additional funds at Dollar General locations for only $2.95. …

Is Walmart Money Card a credit card?

The Walmart MoneyCard is a debit card that requires no bank account or credit check and so avoids overdraft fees. Available in either Visa or MasterCard versions, the card can be used not only at Walmart but at any retailer that accepts Visa or MasterCard.

What prepaid cards does walmart sell?

Reloadable Debit CardsMoneyCenter.Gift Cards.Installment Financing.Walmart Credit Card.Money Transfers.Walmart MoneyCard.

What are the top 10 prepaid cards?

Best prepaid cardsBest for no monthly fee: Bluebird┬« by American Express.Best for limited fees: Starbucks┬« Rewards Visa┬« Prepaid Card.Best for cash back: American Express Serve┬« Cash Back.Best for cash reloads: American Express Serve┬« FREE Reloads.Best for families: FamZoo Prepaid Card.Best for Walmart shoppers: Walmart MoneyCard.More items…

What is the best prepaid card with no fees?

The 9 Best Zero-Fee Reloadable Prepaid CardsTop Pick. American Express Bluebird. … Featured. NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card. … Featured. PayPal Prepaid MasterCard. … Brinks Prepaid MasterCard. … Movo Virtual Prepaid Visa Card. … Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card. … Fifth Third’s Access 360┬░ Prepaid Debit Card. … American Express Serve.More items…ÔÇóMar 13, 2021

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