Quick Answer: What If Your AirPods Stop Working?

As noted above, completely resetting your AirPods can fix several issues.

Put your AirPods back in the charging case.

Hold the button on the back of the case for roughly 15 seconds until the orange LED flashes.

Open the case next to your phone and wait for the AirPods to reconnect.

What do you do when AirPod stops working?

If your left or right AirPod isn’t working

  • On your iOS device, go to Settings > Bluetooth.
  • Tap the “i” icon next to your AirPods.
  • Tap Forget This Device, then tap to confirm.
  • Place both AirPods in your charging case.
  • Press and hold the setup button for a few seconds, until you see the status light flashing white.

What if only one AirPod is working?

Question: Q: If only one AirPod is working

You need to hard reset your airpods by holding down the button on the back of the case until the light flashes amber red. From there you should have connection back in both airpods again.

Why can’t I hear out of my AirPods?

Restart your paired device, e.g., iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch etc. Then try again. Disable Automatic Ear Detection to see if this fixes your problem. Simply go to Settings > Bluetooth > AirPods and and turn off Automatic Ear Detection.

Why is my left AirPod Pro not working?

You’ll see a green or orange light come on, which tells you that the case itself has either a full or a low charge. Close the lid, then hold the case next to your iOS device. Go to Settings, Bluetooth on iOS. Find your AirPods Pro in the list of connected devices and tap the i button to the right of them.

Why can I only hear out of one earbud?

There can be many reasons that a pair of headphones only play audio out of one ear. The most common reason for sound to only come out of one side is the wires near the audio jack have gotten bent back and forth so many times that it has caused a short in the wiring.

Why can I only hear out of one AirPod?

You can hear through both AirPods if you put them in your ears at the same time. If you can only hear through one AirPod, take them out of your ears, wait a moment, then put them in at the same time. If it if sends your phone call to the iPhone, just tap the button and send the audio to the AirPods.

How do you reset AirPods?

Open the case, then press and hold the small button on the back of the case. So, that small button on the back of the AirPod Charging Case is the key to resetting the AirPods. Hold it down for 15 seconds and the LED light on the case will change from white to amber.

Why does one AirPod die faster?

Using one a lot more than the other will cause it to have more cycles and cause the battery to deteriorate faster. Unfortunately, the batteries on airpods tend to die after ~ 1 and 1/2 years, and the batteries are essentially unreplaceable.

How can you tell if AirPods are fake?

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Why isn’t my left AirPod Pro Charging?

Check the charge status

Open the case lid with your AirPods inside and hold your case close to your iOS device. You should see a charging icon next to the battery icon under your AirPods. If you still can’t charge your AirPods, contact Apple Support.

Why wont my headphones work on my phone?

Check audio settings and restart device

There’s also a chance the problem isn’t with the jack or the headphones you’re using but has to do with the audio settings of the device. Just open up the audio settings on your device and check the volume level as well as any others settings that might mute the sound.

Why is only one side of my wireless earbuds working?

May not be your headphones at all. The most common problem in headphones, and speakers that do not play, is a broken wire. Again with the source unit playing sound, grab the wire near the jack, and slowly move it in a circle. See if there is any indication of sound coming through the dead side.

Why is only one of my wireless earbuds working?

General style wireless headphones with one side don’t work issue. mono tracks plays only one side in any speaker or headphone.) Power off/on your headphone. Reconnect Bluetooth (Try now playing an audio file and see whether the issue resolved and you could hear the sound on both sides, if not proceed to next step.)

Why is my right earbud so quiet?

If your right ear still sounds quiet, see an ear doctor because the problem is you, not the headphones. However, if the new headphones have the same problem, then nothing is wrong with your earbud. Check the balance on your player and adjust it until the two earbuds sound equally loud.

How do you fix Bluetooth earbuds when only one works?



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How do you fix earbuds when only one side works?



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How do you reset wireless earbuds?



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