Quick Answer: What Do I Do If Someone Sells Me A Fake IPhone?

Can you go to jail for selling fake iPhones?

Counterfeiting is illegal.

You can be arrested and jailed for selling counterfeit products.

And Apple can also sue you for their losses, which would include any effect of your fake products on their real products.

If you have a smartphone for sale, call it by its own name.

What to do if you bought a fake iPhone?

If you have bought the product online then you should attempt to contact the seller to arrange a refund and then report the counterfeit sale.

  • Apple products. To report suspected counterfeit or imitation Apple products, contact: enforcement@apple.com.
  • Motorola products.
  • Nokia products.
  • Sony products.

Are iPhone clones illegal?

It turns out, owning one of the cloned phones is also against the law. “It’s illegal to possess a cloned or counterfeit phone.” Cpl.

Can you use a fake iPhone?

Because all fake iPhones I have ever seen are just terrible. There won’t be any legal consequences, Apple wouldn’t sue a single user, they could sue a company making them, but not a user using them. However using one is a terrible idea, you can get much better phones for the same price or even less.