Quick Answer: What Do I Do If My Phone Charger Is Plugged In But Not Charging?

Why is my phone not charging when its plugged in?

Often the issue is the small metal connector in the USB port, which may be slightly bent in a way that means it doesn’t make proper contact with the charging cable.

To fix this, switch your phone off, and remove the battery if you can.

Then, put your battery back in, power on your device, and try charging again.

What do I do if my Iphone charger is plugged in but not charging?

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What do you do when your phone won’t charge?



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How do I know if my charger port is damaged?

It may be that the charge port on your cellphone is loose and need to be fixed into place again. If you continue to charge your phone while it is in this condition, the charge port may burn and you might lose the phone. Hold the phone to a light and see if there are any black residue around the charge port.

How much does it cost to fix a charging port?

Most shops will charge between 70-100$ CAD to replace a charge port on that model.

How do I clean my iPhone charging port?

How to clean your charging port

  • Power off your iPhone.
  • If you’re using cotton, place a toothpick on the cotton and twist until it catches and starts to wrap around the toothpick (Only use a small amount).
  • Holding your iPhone so the backside is facing up, place the toothpick inside the charging port.

How do I clean my iPhone charger slot?



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How many years does an iPad battery last?

The average lifespan of all Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, and iPod touch between 2013 and today is four years and three months, according to Dediu’s calculation.

How do you fix a water damaged charger port?

Wrap a small piece of absorbent cloth around a toothpick or pin, use this to soak up any water from the charging port, headphone jack, and sim card tray. Leave your phone in a dry place, and let it air for as long as possible without turning it on. Wait for as long as possible. This is the most important step.

Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast?

Android Phone battery charging slowly can also be due to the broken USB port. If the cable connector and USB port are not in proper contact with each other then it might lead to the slow charging of your android phone battery. Over the time, USB port might wear off if the cable is not inserted properly.

Can a charging port be fixed?

1. Do-It-Yourself USB port fix. All you need to do is shut down your device, remove the battery if possible and use something small, such as a toothpick, to ‘lever up’ the little tab inside the USB port on your smartphone or tablet. Do so very carefully and gently, then reinsert your battery and plug it in again.

How does a charging port get damaged?

A damaged charging port is one of the most common problems for phones and any other electronic devices. Smartphones usually suffer most because they need to be recharged very often. If your phone gets wet or you keep it in the environment with a high humidity level, the charging port can be damaged by corrosion.

How can I charge my phone if the charger port is broken?

DIY USB Port Fix

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. If possible, remove the battery.
  3. Get a small stick to lever up the tab inside the USB port on your phone.
  4. Lever it up slowly and gently.
  5. Reinsert the battery.
  6. Plug the charger.