Question: What Are The Effects Of Electromagnetic Radiation On Humans?

According to some scientists, EMFs can affect your body’s nervous system function and cause damage to cells.

Cancer and unusual growths may be one symptom of very high EMF exposure.

Other symptoms may include: sleep disturbances, including insomnia.

What are the effects of electromagnetic radiation?

Reported symptoms include headaches, anxiety, suicide and depression, nausea, fatigue and loss of libido. To date, scientific evidence does not support a link between these symptoms and exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Is electromagnetic radiation harmful to humans?

At sufficiently high flux levels, various bands of electromagnetic radiation have been found to cause deleterious health effects in people. By far the most common health hazard of radiation is sunburn, which causes over one million new skin cancers annually in United States.

What effects do radio waves have on humans?

Focusing RF radiation on one area of the body can lead to burns and the breakdown of tissue. When RF waves are focused on the eye, it can cause cataracts to form. It isn’t clear what effects, if any, RF radiation has at levels of exposure too low to produce heating.

How can you protect yourself from harmful effects of electromagnetic waves?

5 Tips to Safeguard Against Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Disable Wireless Functions. Wireless devices — including routers, printers, tablets, and laptops — all emit a Wi-Fi signal.
  • Replace Wireless With Wired Devices.
  • Keep EMF Sources at a Distance.
  • Use Your Smartphone Safely.
  • Prioritize Sleeping Areas.