Question: Is 2.5 Watts Per Kg Good?

What is a good FTP per kg?

FTP in watts per kilogram for males 48.6% of people have an FTP below 3.4W/kg.

42.1% of people have an FTP of 3.6W/kg or more.

9.3% of people have an FTP between 3.4W/kg and 3.6W/kg..

What car has the highest power to weight?

Top 100 cars and bikes with highest power to weight ratio 2021RankMake and modelPower to weight ratio1.Ducati Superleggera V41539 ps (1518 bhp)2.Ferrari F20041458 ps (1438 bhp)3.Renault R241374 ps (1355 bhp)4.Ferrari SF15-T1358 ps (1340 bhp)96 more rows

Is it better to have a higher or lower power to weight ratio?

Power to weight ratio is the ratio between the power that your vehicle has and its weight. The higher the number, the better. For example if your car has 300HP and weights 1000 pounds, the power to weight ratio is 0.3 HP/pound, which means that your car outputs 0.3 HP for every pound it weighs.

How many watts is 20 mph?

Cycling PowerSpeed – kmh (mph)Power (watts)Increase in power needed to increase speed by 2.5kmh20 (12.5)7522.5 (14)952025 (15.6)1202527.5 (17.2)148285 more rows

Is 300 FTP achievable?

I recon 10% is achievable, we are very similar numbers wise, im also shooting for 300 next ftp. For the structured workouts I set my ftp at 300 just to push the numbers a little higher, not sure if this is good or bad but its what I am doing under the ftp builder program.

What is good watts per kg?

Here are the categories that they recommend you race based on your FTP data and watts per kilogram. The Zwift C category (next from the bottom) says that you should be able to ride at the level between 2.5 to 3.1 w/kg. If you want to succeed in the A category, you’ll need to be able to hit 4.0 w/kg or better.

What is a good power to weight ratio?

This means you can generate 4.05 watts for every kilogram of body weight. A power to weight ratio of 4 to 4.5 is equivalent to a competitive Category 2 racer. A power to weight ratio of 5-6 would put you in the range of a Category 1 elite professional (according to Andy Coggan’s power profiling chart).

Is 4 watts per kg good?

So it is that many club level cyclists have the goal of being able to achieve a functional threshold power (FTP) of 4W/kg. … However, 4W/kg is still better than most club level cyclists, and is literally lapping everyone on the couch. So it’s a great goal to target.

What is a good watts per kg FTP?

How ‘good’ is your FTP?World Class ProCat 4 and 5Male5.6 – 6.4 w/kg2.4 – 3.6 w/kgFemale5.3 – 5.6 w/kg2.0 – 3.1 w/kg

Is 3.5 watts per kilo good?

For example, an 80kg rider with a maximum sustainable power output of 280 watts has a power-to-weight ratio of 3.5 watts per kilo (commonly abbreviated as 3.5W/kg or 3.5W. … Power-to-weight ratio matters because it’s a great predictor of performance.

What was Lance Armstrong’s FTP?

Lance Armstrong said he used to be able to average 495 watts for 30-40 minutes.

Why is my cycling FTP so low?

Rest intervals are too easy This is the most common problem for cyclists who are new to power-based training. Due to inexperience, their FTP is low, and it is noticed in subsequent super-tempo interval workouts.

What is a good average wattage cycling?

about 200 to 300 wattsMost pro cyclists produce about 200 to 300 watts on average during a four-hour tour stage. The recreational rider, on the other hand, might be only able to sustain this wattage during a 45-minute or hour-long spin class.

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