Question: How Much Does It Cost To Replace 2011 MacBook Pro Battery?

Is it worth replacing MacBook Pro battery?

If its still working fine, works for your needs, and has no issues, then the answer is a no-brainer, you replace the battery.

Replacing the battery for a low price, and you’ll probably be able to continue using the macbook for a few more years to come.

One day when it really can’t be used anymore, it’ll be retired..

How many years does a MacBook battery last?

5 yearsA MacBook Pro battery will last roughly 5 years or so before it can no longer hold a charge. After 3 or 4 years you’re likely to have to have to on the charger most of the time. This could be different for those who calibrate their battery consistently, as I did not.

Does Apple replace MacBook batteries for free?

Apple has launched a new, free battery replacement program for 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pros that won’t charge past one percent. … “If the status indicates that your battery is Normal, your battery is not affected by this issue,” Apple says. To get the battery replacement started, contact Apple support.

Can Apple replace MacBook battery in store?

Yes – all computer batteries from Apple (including the newer unibody models where the battery is not consumer replaceable) are easily swapped in a 10 to 35 minute procedure to open, inspect, replace, test and document the repair.

Why is my Mac’s battery dying so fast?

Your battery might drain fast when you’re working on your Mac because, for one reason or another, you’re running one-too-many apps at the same time. … It’s advisable to run your Mac for much of the time without functions and settings like active Bluetooth, glistening screen brightness, and keyboard light.

How do I know if my Mac battery is bad?

You can check whether the battery in your Mac notebook is functioning normally and approximately how much charge it can hold. To view your battery’s condition, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Battery, then click Battery again. In the lower right corner, click Battery Health.

Can MacBook Pro work without battery?

You may have noticed that sometimes you can not power on and boot a MacBook Pro when it doesn’t have a battery installed. … Of course if you happen to have a replacement battery then you can typically just replace the missing battery with a working battery and the MacBook Pro will boot, but that is not always an option.

Does replacing MacBook battery erase data?

Technicians will never intentionally erase your hard drive, but there is always a possibility of data loss when you open a device. This is why using a Time Machine backup is highly encouraged! … Just had one done myself …. But, of course, so a backup before, just in case something happens.

How do I know if my MacBook battery needs replacing?

Click on the battery level in your top menu bar to bring down a drop-down. At the top of the menu, you’ll find the TL;DR version of your battery’s current condition. If it says “Replace Soon,” “Replace Now,” or “Service Battery,” it’s time to look into a replacement.

Can I replace MacBook Pro battery myself?

If you have a MacBook Pro that’s the mid-2009 model or newer, your battery is built-in. It’s very inadvisable to try to replace these glued-in batteries by yourself. There’s not even an easy way to reach the battery without taking your MacBook apart.

How do I reset the battery on my MacBook Pro 2011?

If the battery is removable:Shut down your Mac.Remove the battery. If you need help removing the battery, contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store.Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.Reinstall the battery.Press the power button again to turn on your Mac.

What battery do I need for MacBook Pro 2011?

A1322 Battery for A1278 Apple MacBook pro 13 inch Mid 2012 Early 2011 Late 2011 Mid 2010 2009 with 6000mAh Newer Tech (MC374LL/A MB990LL/A MB991LL/A MC700LL/A MD313LL/A MD101LL/A MD102LL/A Battery)

How do I check the battery on my MacBook Pro 2011?

Hold the Option key and click the Apple  menu. Choose System Information. Under the Hardware section of the System Information window, select Power. The current cycle count is listed under the Battery Information section.

How much will it cost to replace my MacBook Pro battery?

Battery serviceMacBook ProOut of Warranty16-inch MacBook Pro$ 19915-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display$ 19913-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display$ 19915-inch MacBook Pro$ 1291 more row

Can you replace battery in 2011 MacBook Pro?

Any computer store will replace the battery for you. The battery is replaceable, and a fairly simple thing to do with the correct tools. However, Apple’s official policy is that the battery should only be serviced by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

How long should a MacBook Pro 2011 battery last?

9 hoursWith 9 hours of battery life I can confirm that if you’re just using the 15-inch MBP as a glorified typewriter this is what you’ll see. It’s a great combination of a system that has performance on tap but the battery life to last you if you just need to do some writing.

Does leaving MacBook plugged in Hurt battery?

Answer: A: Leaving a MacBook plugged in does not harm the battery. The charging circuitry shuts down when the charge reaches 100% so there is not a risk of overcharging.

Is Apple still doing the $29 battery replacement?

Apple’s $29 iPhone battery replacement deal ended in December, but you can still give your smartphone some extra juice on the cheap—if you make the swap yourself.

Is it bad to use MacBook while charging?

Your Mac will not be damaged by charging and running at the same time. Your Mac will not be damaged by leaving it connected to the power adapter.

Is it good to keep MacBook plugged in all the time?

Apple does not recommend leaving your MacBook plugged in all the time. Furthermore, Apple even recommends charging and discharging your MacBook’s battery at least once per month — it even has a calendar event to remind you. Restore Energy Saver defaults.

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