Is It Safe To Buy Renewed Phones From Amazon?

If you try to return the product, Amazon will not take it by simply saying that you bought a used (refurbished) product.

So, it is preferable to purchase a new product instead of refurbished or renewed products.

Yes it is safe as Amazon gurantees good service.

Are Renewed phones from Amazon good?

Make Sure You’re Protected

Apple and Samsung guarantee their refurbished phones for a full year. At Best Buy and Amazon, the warranty is good for only 90 days. Many credit card companies will extend coverage on refurbished goods as long as they come with a warranty.

Is it safe to buy mobile phones from Amazon?

Yes. It is safe as well as, Amazon is a leading E-commerce sector for reliable and quality products. If it was not safe to buy a phone in online, flash sale of phones and other normal online selling would not grow very largely. Apart from the belief, you can check your arrived phone is original or not.

Is it safe to buy renewed products from Amazon?

These renewed or refurbished products are available on, but every product is not worth buying. Products on Amazon Renewed are tested and certified by qualified suppliers to work and look like new and are backed by a minimum 90-day supplier warranty and Amazon’s return policy.

Is it safe to buy renewed iPhone from Amazon?

If the phone is certified refurbished by Amazon, it is probably OK to purchase. If you want an iPhone, at least buy a refurbished one from Apple. You may pay a little more, but you will know it will work and it will come with a 90 day warranty.

Is Amazon renewed the same as refurbished?

Amazon is restricting the sale of items in “refurbished” condition. Amazon tells sellers the refurbishment process for renewed products typically includes a diagnostic test, replacement of any defective parts, a thorough cleaning and inspection process, and repackaging where applicable.

Is Renewed better than refurbished?

My guess is that there is no difference. Refurbished is a general term used by many, but factory renewed sounds better. Woot sells a lot of refurbs and just generally uses that term for them, so I bet they go through the same process.