Question: Is Black Friday The Best Time To Buy An IPhone?

Should I wait until Black Friday to buy an iPhone?

Some retail outlets have good iPhone deals and may provide their best prices during Black Friday sales.

New models are normally released in September, so you’ll only have to wait a couple of months for the November Black Friday sales and discounts on the latest version.

Should I wait for the 2020 iPhone?

If you’re in the market for a phone right now, and the iPhone 11 that Apple trots out in September ticks enough boxes on your wish list, there’s absolutely no need to wait until something better comes along in 2020.

Does Apple have sale on Black Friday?

Does Apple offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? According to Apple, the company does do Black Friday, but instead of providing steep discounts on products, it will give customers either an Apple Store gift card of up to $200 when buying select products.

When’s the best time to buy an iPhone?

6 – The Best Time to Buy

Then you should wait until mid-September for the announcement of the new iPhones. If you’re looking to get a deal on last year’s model, you also should wait until the new iPhones are released, since prices on the older iPhone models typically drop by $100.