How Many Years Do Wireless Earbuds Last?

The most important thing to look for in a pair of Bluetooth headphones is battery life.

Most devices have expected battery life or the number of hours the company says the device can last on a charge.

Most wireless earbuds are rated for 6 to 8 hours, while Bluetooth headphones can last about 25 hours.

How many years do earbuds last?

The average of my earbuds longevity with daily use is about a year. They either break apart, or they just start malfunctioning in one side. The longest a pair of earphones has last me is about 3 years. And they still going strong.

How long do true wireless earbuds last?

between three to five hours

How do you make Bluetooth earbuds last longer?

5 Tips to Make Your Headphones Last Longer

  • Take care of the cable. You’ve probably heard this before, and it’s true: you need to take care of your headphones’ cable.
  • Keep your headphones clean.
  • Use applications that enhance sound.
  • Consider DACs and preamps.
  • Check your audio source.

What wireless earbuds have the longest battery life?

Test data

ModelBattery Life 75dB (hours)Best Bluetooth codec
Anker Soundcore Liberty Air4.82SBC
Anker Zolo Liberty3.56SBC
Apple Airpods3.45AAC
Apple AirPods (2019)4.175AAC

46 more rows