Quick Answer: How Does Bluetooth Location Work?

Your iOS or Android phone, with bluetooth enabled, receives this when it comes in range.

It can tell roughly how far away it is from the beacon.

Your phone uses its data connection to query the central database, which tells it the location of the beacon, giving your phone a fix on its location.

Can you be tracked by Bluetooth?

If several Bluetooth-enabled receivers are strategically placed to cover a large area, they can track the positions of any discoverable device, recording and sending any data back to a single address. Each Bluetooth receiver acts like any regular Bluetooth device: It searches for every device within range.

How accurate is Bluetooth location?

Currently most positioning technologies such as GPS, are typically accurate to within one metre. But the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has now included a new direction finding feature within Bluetooth 5.1 that will allow Bluetooth positioning systems to achieve “centimetre-level location accuracy.”

How do I locate a Bluetooth device?

Tap the “Find My Buds” and the “Enable Location Services” feature. You will see the last known location where you used the wireless Bluetooth earbuds and the phone, and you will also see your present location. Move towards the last known location of the waterproof wireless earbuds.