Quick Answer: How Do You Get Water Out Of An IPhone 11?

What do you do if your iPhone 11 gets wet?

What to do if the iPhone 11 gets wet

  • Immediately dry it off. Use a dry towel or cloth to wipe any moisture away from its exterior.
  • Do not turn the iPhone on or plug it into a charger until it is completely dry.

Can I put my iPhone 11 in water?

According to the iPhone 11 specs on Apple’s website, the iPhone 11 can be submerged in a maximum depth of two meters (around 6.6. feet) for up to 30 minutes, and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max can be underwater for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of four meters (around 13 feet).

How do you get water damage out of an iPhone?


  1. Remove your phone from the water immediately.
  2. Power down the phone.
  3. Remove any case that is on the iPhone.
  4. Remove your iPhone’s SIM card and tray.
  5. Use a dry, absorbent cloth to wipe down the phone.
  6. Swab out ports with a toothpick and piece of cloth.
  7. Place the iPhone in a warm, dry location.
  8. Wait at least 48 hours.

What to do if water gets into iPhone?

What to Do If You Drop Your iPhone in Water

  • Quick! Get it out of the water!
  • Turn it off. And leave it off.
  • Take off any cases or enclosures.
  • Wipe it down (Use a Q-tip if you need to)
  • Put it in a bag full of rice! OR silica gel packets.
  • Leave it in the rice for 48 hours.
  • Inspect upon removal and power up.

Is the iPhone 11 shatterproof?

Apple announced its three new iPhone 11 models on Sept. 10 at an Apple event, and they did not disappoint. The glass faces were also described as water and dust resistant at the Apple event, but they were at no point called “shatterproof.”

Is it too late to put my phone in rice?

Leave the phone in the rice for at least 24 to 48 hours. Ideally, do not even try to take the phone out to check if it has started working or not. If there wasn’t too much water damage, your phone should start working. Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your phone will survive a dunking in water.