Quick Answer: How Do Radio Waves Affect Humans?

Focusing RF radiation on one area of the body can lead to burns and the breakdown of tissue.

When RF waves are focused on the eye, it can cause cataracts to form.

It isn’t clear what effects, if any, RF radiation has at levels of exposure too low to produce heating.

Can radio waves affect your health?

Visible light, infrared, microwaves and radio waves are all forms of non-ionising radiation. Excessive exposure to ionising radiation can damage our cells and DNA, potentially causing burns, sickness or cancer. Non ionising radiation can cause heating – this is how microwave ovens work.

What are the dangers of radio waves to humans?

Large doses of radio waves are believed to cause cancer, leukaemia and other disorders. Some people claim that the very low frequency field from overhead power cables near their homes has affected their health, although this has not been reliably proven.

What frequencies are harmful to humans?

Low frequency sounds can be harmful

Human beings are normally able to detect sounds in the range of 20-20,000 Hz and it is well known that sounds within this range can damage the hearing. However, sounds under the frequency of 20 Hz can also affect the ear even though we are unable to hear them.

How do radio waves affect Earth?

As radio waves enter Earth’s atmosphere from space some of the waves are absorbed by the electrons in the ionosphere while others pass through and are detectable to ground based observers. Low frequency radio waves do not travel very far through the atmosphere and are absorbed rather quickly.