How Do I Turn On Assistive Touch?

Here’s a quick guide to activate AssistiveTouch on your iPhone:

  • On your iPhone, tap on Settings > General > Accessibility.
  • Look for the section ‘Physical & Motor’ and tap on AssistiveTouch. You’ll see the AssistiveTouch icon appear right after you turn it on.
  • Tap on it.

How do I turn on assistive touch on Ios 13?

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iOS 13: Turn On Assistive Touch / On-screen Home Key Button For


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How do I turn on assistive touch without the home button?

Deal with a Broken iPhone Home Button by Enabling Assistive Touch

  1. Open “Settings” and go to “General”, then tap on “Accessibility”
  2. Under “Physical & Motor” tap on “Assistive Touch” and then flip the switch to ON.
  3. Look for the new assistive touch button to appear in the lower right corner, tap that to access the virtual home button.

How do I turn on assistive touch when my phone is locked?

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How to Use Your iPhone With a Broken Home Button – YouTube


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What is Assistive Touch?

AssistiveTouch is an accessibility feature that can help people with motor skill impairments get the most out of their iPhone or iPad. With AssistiveTouch enabled, you’ll be able to perform actions like pinching to zoom or 3D Touch with just a tap instead. Here’s how to enable Assistive Touch and use it!

How do you change assistive touch on iOS 13?

Customize the AssistiveTouch menu

  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch, then select AssistiveTouch.
  • Select Customize Top Level Menu, then tap an icon to reassign a different function to its position.
  • Use the + and – buttons to change the number of buttons that appear in the menu.