Question: How Do I Get My Battery Back To 100?

How do I get my battery health back to 100?



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How do I restore my iPhone battery to 100?

At the bare minimum, you need to drain the battery until the device shuts off, charge your iPhone to 100%, and reset it by holding down the sleep/wake and home buttons until you see the Apple logo. 1.

How can I restore my battery capacity?

Here’s the procedure very succinctly:

  • Step 1: Take your battery out and place it in a sealed Ziploc or plastic bag.
  • Step 2: Go ahead and put the bag into your freezer and leave it there for about 12 hours.
  • Step 3: Once you take it out, remove the plastic bag and let the battery warm up until it reaches room temperature.

Can you increase battery health on iPhone?

Introduced with iOS 9, Low Power Mode is an easy way to extend the battery life of your iPhone when it starts to get low. Or you can enable it by going to Settings > Battery. Low Power Mode reduces display brightness, optimizes device performance, and minimizes system animations.