Question: Does Earwax Ruin AirPods?

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How do I remove ear wax from my AirPods?

To remove the wax and dirt that’s stuck inside the hollow of your AirPod speakers, just grab a small piece of Fun-Tak and stretch and knead it a bit to warm it up. Then press it against the speaker and few times and it’ll pick up the wax and dirt.

How do you get earwax out of AirPods mesh?

If you do get earwax in the Airpod’s speaker mesh, use a toothpick to go around the sides and get the majority of the gunk. Then take a Q tip, dip it in hydrogen peroxide and squeeze out excess so it’s not dripping, just damp. Rub it back and forth in the mesh until clean, then let them rest for an hour to dry.

Why do my AirPods get so waxy?

A buildup of dirt, gunk, and earwax is not only pretty gross, but it can impede the way your AirPods function. The potentially waxy grossness found inside your AirPods if it slips in can cause the audio quality to deteriorate, and you may even find that too much dirt keeps them from working at all if they get too bad.

Does Apple clean AirPods for free?

No matter how neat you are, if you own Apple AirPods they’re going to end up grimy and full of earwax. Apple Support suggests using a “soft, dry, lint-free cloth” to clean AirPods, but if you’ve tried you’ll know this doesn’t do much to help low or muffled sound quality.

Do AirPods cause ear infections?

Wireless earbuds may be practical and look cool, but they could actually cause big problems for your ears. An expert has warned that wearing earphones, such as Apple’s AirPods, could lead to smelly, itchy and often painful infections.