Question: Does Apple Make Black AirPods?

Apple does not make AirPods or AirPods Pro in black.

Does Apple have black AirPods?

Send in your white AirPods, and it’ll turn ’em black. Apple’s standard white AirPods go for $159, and aren’t (yet) available in any other color. They’re still backordered for six weeks at, but Best Buy is shipping them sooner. The ship time for a pair of BlackPods is two weeks.

Does Apple make Coloured AirPods?

Though the white AirPods are certainly iconic — as an extension of the white earbuds popularized by the original iPod — the AirPods Pro will reportedly be available in as many as eight colors, including white, black, and a Midnight Green color similar to the recently released iPhone 11 Pro.

Will air pods come in black?

“AirPods Pro” will come in as many as eight colors, including White, Black, and a new Midnight Green finish to match iPhone 11 Pro models, according to a Chinese-language report from the Economic Daily News.