Quick Answer: Does Anyone Have AirPods Pro In Stock?

Thursday 7 May – Latest – Verizon ($249.00) currently have stock of Apple AirPods Pro.

Apple AirPods Pro
Apple AirPods Pro – $249.00 History – DiscussIn Stock View
Apple AirPods Pro – $249.00 DiscussNo Stock View
Apple AirPods Pro – $234.95 Last Stock: 4/29/2020 5:50:02 PM (ET) History – DiscussNo Stock View

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Is AirPods Pro in stock anywhere?

AirPods Pro are in stock here and sold out everywhere else. Read on for a round-up of the main places you can buy AirPods Pro from, if they’re still in stock, and when you can expect to get them if you place an order today.

Who Has Apple AirPods in stock?

Apple Airpods Recent In Stock History (Time – EST)

StoreProduct Title
WalmartApple Airpods – White — $139.00
WalmartApple Airpods – White — $139.00
WalmartApple Airpods – White — $139.00
WalmartApple Airpods – White — $139.00

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Are Apple AirPods pro out of stock?

AirPods Pro are out of stock at major retailers. It’s been a few months since the newest AirPods hit the market, and we suspect even Apple is surprised at just how well-received its AirPods Pro have been.

Why are AirPods so expensive?

Because people are prepared to pay so much more, the price rises to a level the market can stand. The right proce for anything is as much as people will pay. In short, Apple earphones are much more expensive because people happily pay much more money for them.

Are Airpod pros worth it?

AirPods: The cheaper option for calls and podcasts

The AirPods Pro are so much better and definitely worth the higher price. AirPods don’t have tips to create a seal in your ear, and that means lesser sound quality, more outside noise, and they can fall out more easily.