Question: Do You Get Free Apple Products If You Work For Apple?

Apple’s “Employee Purchase Program” gets its workers access to the company’s products at a more agreeable price.

Once a year, employees can get a 25% discount on a computer.

They can also get a 25% discount on each model of iPod and iPad.

No employee product discounts are available for the Apple TV or iPhone.

Do you get free iphones if you work for Apple?

As an employee you get 25% of discount on the first unit of any product you buy, so you can buy one of each Apple product line (iPhone, iPad, MacBook…) after that you have a family and friends discount, which allows you to buy up to 10 units with 15% of discount.

Do Apple workers get discounts?

According to Glassdoor, Apple employees get an annual 25% discount when they purchase an iPod, computer, or iPad. Every three years, workers can get $250 off an iPad or $500 off a Mac. Apple software is 50% off. The company also offers other discounts for family and friends, depending on the product.

Do Apple employees get free Apple music?

Apple is set to give its retail employees a services perk for the new year. The company will giveaway Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade for free to employees starting in January. As we understand it, the employees will only be eligible to get free Apple Music, TV+ and Arcade for themselves.

Is it hard to get hired at Apple?

The truth is few applicants will ever know, as it’s almost impossible to get a job at an Apple Retail store at anything besides an entry-level, part-time sales position, no matter how qualified or educated you are.

Is working for Apple a good job?

The salaries are pretty good for many positions.

Many employees who reviewed their experience at Apple have cited compensation as one of the main benefits. According to Glassdoor, software engineers at Apple usually make more than $100,000 depending on their level of experience.

How much does Apple pay an hour?

Hourly pay at Apple Computer, Inc ranges from an average of $15.33 to $44.80 an hour. Apple Computer, Inc employees with the job title Software Engineer make the most with an average hourly rate of $48.19, while employees with the title Retail Sales Associate make the least with an average hourly rate of $15.01.

At what age does Apple hire?


What are the benefits of working at Apple?

Some of the benefits that Apple is known for include:

  • Employee discounts up to 25% off on Apple gadgets including iPad, laptop, and iPod.
  • Maternity leave is 18 weeks with full salary.
  • Parental leave consists of 6 paid weeks.
  • The company offers a 50% 401 (k) match up to 6% of your salary.

How much do Apple geniuses get paid?

Here’s the scale of how the Genius position pays: Apple Genius Average Salary: $37,954. Apple Genius Low-End salary: $32,000 – this is likely the starting salary for most Apple Genius positions in smaller to medium sized cities.

How do I get hired at Apple?

Applying for a job at Apple

Next, you’ll be asked to upload your resume, choose what areas you’re interested in, and fill in some information about yourself. After your profile is complete, you’ll be able to search and apply to open positions.

How can I get a free iPhone from Apple?

How to get pre-approved for free iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro financing

  1. Open the Apple Store app and swipe down on the main screen.
  2. Tap Get Started under “Get pre-approved now” or search for iPhone Upgrade Program.
  3. Choose your iPhone 11.
  4. Tap Continue.
  5. Let Apple know if you have an iPhone to trade in.

When Apple replaces your iPhone is it new?

M – it means your iPhone is a new device, which was purchased from Apple Store Online or Apple Retail Store. F – it means your iPhone is a refurbished device. N – it means your iPhone is a replacement device, which means that it was replaced by Apple or Apple Authorized Service Center due to a problem.