Quick Answer: Do Skullcandy Earbuds Break Easily?

Are Skullcandy earbuds good quality?

Are Skullcandy Earbuds Good? They sure are. Skullcandy headphones are a rage today for an excellent reason – they don’t just focus on good sound quality, they offer some great designs without compromising on durability. As a result, all headphones by the brand can produce quality music over a variety of genres.

How long do Skullcandy earbuds last?

Best answer: In stand by they have lasted 10-12 hours and with constant use 6-8 hours. The higher the volume is set with the earbuds the shorter the battery life.

Why do my earbuds keep breaking?

Over time, pulling can cause the internal wire to break and separate from the plug. Due to unequal stresses, one of the internal wires will break before the other, leaving you with earbuds that only play audio out of one side. Never pull the cord! Tension is the main reason why your headphones break.

How do I keep my earphones from breaking?

How to Prevent Earbuds from Breaking?

  • Keep the Jack Unplugged.
  • Get a Headphone Case.
  • Use the Right Cable Length.
  • Do Not Pull on the Cable.
  • Avoid Sitting on Your Earbuds.
  • Stay Away From Water.
  • Quality over Quantity.
  • Add Shrink Wrap for Reinforcement.