Quick Answer: Do I Need 64gb Or 128gb IPhone?

Best Answer: For the average person, the 128GB should be plenty of space, especially if you are the type of person to not depend on cloud storage services, download a lot of music and take plenty of photos and video.

If you do, plan to take advantage of iOS 13’s flash drive support, then 64GB is fine.

Is 64gb storage enough for iPhone?

MacDailyNews Take: Unless you’re a frequent traveler who wants to carry downloaded movies and TV shows, or a video producer who shoots tons of footage on their iPhone/iPad, 64GB is enough for pretty much anybody who uses iCloud Photo Library and lets iOS/iPadOS Offload Unused Apps.

Do I need 64gb or 256gb iPhone?

— you can still use up a lot of storage. If you keep your iPhone light on apps and games, you might be able to get away with 64GB. If you want to have tons of apps and games on your iPhone all the time, you’ll need 256GB.

Is 64gb enough in 2019?

Is 64 GB storage enough in phones in 2019? – Quora. Don’t forget that that amount of ‘storage’ is neither an indicator of power nor of a fast processor. 64gb is a lot of storage. Even 16gb is enough for many people!

Do I need more than 64gb on iPhone 11?

Videos, photos, music and podcasts can take ups lot of memory. if you don’t use these very much, 64GB should be sufficient. But even if you do, there are ways of getting around needing a high memory capacity iPhone. But they only work if you have a data plan and are within cell site coverage.