Quick Answer: Can You Wear Beats Studio 3 In The Rain?

They’re water-resistant so getting caught in a rain shower won’t be a problem and neither, says Beats, is vigorous exercise.

As long as you don’t drop them directly into water then they should be fine.

Can Beats be worn in the rain?

Where to wear. Powerbeats2 Wireless are sweat and water resistant, making them perfect for rigorous indoor and outdoor workout conditions, including exposure to rain. Remember: They are not waterproof—don’t submerge or expose to a constant flow of high pressure water.

Can you wear Beats Solo 3 in the rain?

Best Answer: They are not water-proof or water resistant. If these headphones were waterproof it would say in the specs, so no these headphones are not waterproof.

Are Beats Studio 3 water resistant?

How water resistant are beats studio 3 headphones? Not water resistant at all it does not even have an ipx rating. There is only one non earbud headphone right now rated for ipx4.

What happens if your beats get wet?

Do beats by dre ibeats headphones work when they get wet? Be certain not to plug in the headphones while they are still wet, as this may cause a short circuit to occur. Let them dry overnight in a bag of dry rice or in a dry place, and they should function perfectly.

Can you sweat in Beats Studio 3?

Beats Studio3 Wireless

Normally, you’d be right. Sweat damage is a killer for over-ear and on-ear headphones but fortunately, you can add sweat-proof covers to your Beats workout headphones to make them gym-ready.

How long do beats last for?

about 12 hours