Quick Answer: Can You Trust Buying A Phone From Amazon?

Is it safe to buy phone from Amazon?


It is safe as well as, Amazon is a leading E-commerce sector for reliable and quality products.

If it was not safe to buy a phone in online, flash sale of phones and other normal online selling would not grow very largely.

Apart from the belief, you can check your arrived phone is original or not.

Does Amazon sell fake phones?

While these sellers don’t equate to a fake product, they do warrant a closer look as most counterfeit products come from them. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com: Amazon sells the product, so it should be legitimate.

Is buying from Amazon safe?

Buying electronics from Amazon is as safe as it can get. The only difference you can see from other online stores is the price. As for safety and reliability on Amazon – this is something they strive very hard to achieve, which makes their site probably the safest one to shop from.

Why are phones so cheap on Amazon?

Amazon Amazon wants a spot on your Android phone. Second, the reason Amazon’s able to sell these phones for so cheap is because it’s putting its own ads and apps on them. Think of it like what Amazon currently does with the “special offers” on its own Fire tablets, just with third-party devices.