Quick Answer: Can You Buy New IPhones On Amazon?

Answer is Yes.

I’ve bought both iPhone 6S Plus and 7 Plus from Amazon and they are working great without any defect.

Do ensure that the iPhone you are purchasing is fulfilled by Amazon and covered by Amazon Prime.

The warranty period should start from the day you put your SIM card in the iPhone.

Does Amazon sell new iPhones?

Amazon will finally sell the latest iPhone, an Amazon spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider on Friday. Amazon has signed a deal with Apple to offer the iPhone-maker’s latest products. Apple products will be shipped and sold by Amazon, including the most recent iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Should I buy a renewed iPhone on Amazon?

Amazon Has Some Great Deals on Renewed iPhones Right Now. If you’re in the market for an iPhone but would rather save some coin than buy the latest model, Amazon has some great deals you might want to check out. These renewed iPhones should look and work like new, but come with a 90-day guarantee just in case.

Can I buy Apple products on Amazon?

Now you can buy Apple products from Apple through Amazon. Thanks to a new partnership announced earlier this month, a number of Apple products are now available via Amazon’s website. As part of the partnership, only specific Apple-authorized retailers will be allowed to sell Apple or Beats devices through the site.

How much does an iPhone cost on Amazon?

5 stars. Only 19 left in stock – order soon. Fast delivery and arrived in perfect shape. Two differences between this and a new iPHone

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List Price:$549.99
You Save:$314.00 (57%)

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Does Amazon sell fake iPhones?

Apple said it bought more than 100 iPhones, power adapters, and Lightning cables from Mobile Star through Amazon and found nearly 90 percent of the goods were fakes. The suit is still pending, with Apple fighting Mobile Star in multiple courts in California, Washington state, and New York.

Why is Amazon cheaper than Apple?

A: Amazon attracts customers by offering discounts. Apple gives Amazon a good wholesale price because Amazon buys in huge bulk and will commit to purchases in advance. Apple will sell their products at the MSRP at all times, so that any there resellers can have a chance to sell a product by offering a discount.