Quick Answer: Can People See Your Name When You AirDrop?

Things to remember: when you change your airdrop name you are actually changing your device name, so for example if I plug my device into my computer it will show up as whatever your device/”airdrop” name is!

Another caveat is if you try and airdrop to someone that is in their contact list it will show up as what ever

Does AirDrop show your name?

In order to transfer files using AirDrop, the person sending it has to select a name on their screen from a list of potential nearby devices. Fortunately, you can easily change your AirDrop name from your iPhone’s settings menu by changing your device’s name.

What name shows up when you AirDrop?

From Settings, head to General. Next, tap to About. Tap on the name of your device which should be the very first line on this screen. From here, you can change the name of your device which will be the same device name used when attempting to AirDrop files across devices.

How do I hide my name when airdropping?



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Is airdropping anonymous?

Unlike other systems, AirDrop presents a preview of incoming photos and video, which users can then accept or decline. Further, AirDrop allows users to send files anonymously, as devices are identified by their user-defined name.