Question: Can I Use A Single AirPod I Found?

Can I use one AirPod I found?

Yes, you can use just one Apple AirPod at a time. This is useful if you would like to have your other ear free or if you want to extend the battery life (since each AirPod has its own battery). So in order to just use one AirPod, simply remove both AirPods from your ear and then put one back in.

Can you use only one AirPod if you lose one?

Use Just One AirPod

Apple has designed the AirPods so you can use just one at a time. A single AirPod functions just like two AirPods, so as long as you have one AirPod and the Charging Case, you can listen to music, podcasts, and more.

Can you pair a single AirPod?

Yes, it’s possible to order a single AirPod from Apple and pair it alongside your existing one. The only requirement being that both of them should be from same generation.

Can I find my AirPods if someone resets them?

Unfortunately, you can’t use Find My to track your AirPods if they were in the charging case when someone stole them. This is because they don’t maintain an active connection to your device while in the case, to conserve battery life.

How much does a single AirPod cost?

If you’re looking for a single replacement AirPod, it’s going to cost you $69. A replacement charging and case will also cost you $69.