Question: Can I Clean My AirPods With Nail Polish Remover?

Acetone is a solvent that was never intended to be used on things like AirPods.

You have damaged the surface.

Really, all you can do is live with the damage or purchase new AirPods and avoid the same mistake again.

Can you use acetone to clean AirPods?

You never should have used acetone to clean them. It is a strong solvent and you are lucky it didn’t dissolve them. The acetone probably stripped the final finish off of them and there is no way to restore it, sorry. How to clean your AirPods and keep them clean!

How do I make my AirPods shine again?

Step 2: Use alcohol and cotton to clean the AirPods/charging case. Repeat Step 1 if scratch marks remained. Step 3: To turn the sanded matte surface to a shiny surface, follow the next step. Step 4: Wet the surface with cotton and water, use P3000 sandpaper to gently polish the surface.

Does rubbing alcohol ruin AirPods?

Water or rubbing alcohol is not recommended by Apple, however it can bring results if used carefully. Always wet the cloth being used to clean, not the AirPods themselves. Never get liquid inside the openings of the AirPods! A dry toothbrush can push away dirt in the main AirPods openings if used gently.

Can you put nail polish remover in your ear?

“Acetone is normally used as nail polish remover as it is a powerful chemical. It should not be used internally.” She admits she didn’t check the label carefully before putting the drops of acetone in her ears.