Quick Answer: Are JBL Earphones Good?

Which earphone is best in JBL?

  • Best Overall. JBL Live 650 BTNC. $200 from Amazon.
  • Best Workout Buds. JBL Endurance Sprint Wireless. $50 from Amazon.
  • Best On-Ear. JBL Live 400BT. $100 from Amazon.
  • Best In-Ear. JBL Reflect Mini 2. $100 from Amazon.
  • Best Over-Ear. JBL E55BT.
  • Best True Wireless Buds. JBL UA True Wireless Flash.
  • Best Value. JBL Tune T120TWS True Wireless.

Which is better JBL or Sony earphones?

Sony headphones are more punchy and on the soft side whereas Jbl is an aggressive headphone. Sony’s bass is very famous in the XB versions. And about XB950, its the king of bass, nothing can beat it. Bluetooth connectivity is somewhat better in JBL.

Are JBL better than Beats?

If you want a slightly better sounding headphones with a punchy bass, then JBL is your ideal choice. They sound better than the Beats. So whether you want to pay one-third the price of a Beats headphone and get a headphone with a similar bass-emphasised sound, then JBL is good for you.

How good are JBL wireless headphones?

Sound Quality

As is typical with most JBL products, the JBL Free headphones sound great when pressed properly into your ear. Highs and mids sound good and bass is prominent, but as these earbuds work themselves loose, bass decreases quickly.