Quick Answer: Are Apple Wired Headphones Sweatproof?

None of the earpods or airpods made by apple are waterproof but they can resist water from damaging them upto some extent but i would suggest you not dunk any apple product in the water except apple watch since it can withstand water for half an hour.

Are Apple headphones Sweatproof?

Officially, no. AirPods aren’t sweatproof and they’re not waterproof, either. Although, Apple has neither confirmed nor denied this. They’ve not said a word.

Are Apple Wired Headphones waterproof?

First off, Apple never said their headphones are waterproof or water-resistant. Submerging the Apple headphone in water can damage it. You might be able to dance with it under the rain, but keep in mind that the headphone may stop working when water penetrates inside.

Are iPhone headphones waterproof?

Basically, all Apple headphones are water-resistant, after all, Apple is all about quality. So, don’t worry about splashing water, rain and sweat. You should worry about dropping your iPhone headphones in deep waters, the pressure will ruin them.

How much are wired Apple earbuds?

Apple EarPods with 3.5mm Headphone Plug – White

List Price:$30.00
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