Quick Answer: Are Apple Headphones Bad For Your Ears?

Despite their inclusion with every iPod and iPhone, researchers caution against using earbuds, regardless of who manufactured them.

Earbuds are more likely to cause hearing damage than headphones that sit over the ear.

They can also be up to 9 dB louder than over-the-ear headphones.

Are headphones bad for your ears?

Headphones cause damage to your ears the same way other loud noises do, resulting in what audiologists call “noise-induced hearing loss.” Over time the sounds from your headphones cause the hair cells in the cochlea to bend down too much or too severely. If they don’t get time to recover, the damage can be permanent.

Why do Apple headphones hurt my ears?

The pain might be due to tenderness caused by the earbuds remaining in your ears for too long.

How do you use earphones without damaging your ears?

To help avoid damaging your hearing:

  • use noise-cancelling earphones or headphones – don’t just turn the volume up to cover up outside noise.
  • turn the volume up just enough so you can hear your music comfortably, but no higher.

Are Apple AirPods bad for your ears?

AirPods are everywhere — even though they’re pretty awful at what they do. This style of earbud, which rests next to your ear canal but not quite inside it, offers practically zero noise isolation. It’s only once you start listening to loud volumes for sustained periods of time that they can start damaging your ears.