Question: Are Airpod Pros Sold Out?

How many Airpod pros have been sold?

Sales analysts believe AirPods Pro sales could reach 90 million in 2020. The first generation AirPods released in 2016 – while AirPods Pro debuted last year. The wireless earbuds feature active noise-cancellation, improved sound, and water resistance. Analysts estimate the line-up sold 60 million last year.

Does anyone have AirPods Pro in stock?

As of today Verizon and Costco have the AirPods Pro in stock. If you order from Apple, your AirPods Pro delivery date is as late as January 6th, but you can pick up in-store today at some locations. If you look at Best Buy and other stores, you can get your new AirPods delivered faster.

Are the Airpod pros worth it?

Yes, AirPods Pro have lost 30 minutes of listening time compared to AirPods when you use noise cancellation but, considering their size, it’s impressive Apple has kept this loss so small. Given the far superior sound quality in this mode, the hit is worth it.

Originally Answered: Why are Airpods so popular? Because they’re an Apple product, which means that it’s more than likely a status symbol, like an iPhone or Apple Watch. People like to both show off and fit in similtaneously, so they’ll buy them because they’re new and popular.

How much did Apple make on AirPods?

Sales of Apple’s AirPods nearly doubled to $6 billion this year and should take another leap forward next year, according to Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein. The analyst said in a note Friday that Apple could sell 85 million AirPods in 2020, generating about $15 billion in revenue.