Galaxy S6 Overheating Message

Galaxy S6 Overheating Message: Samsung Galaxy S6 definitely is among the most innovative part of the technology to reach the smartphone marketplace nowadays. Using its mesmerizing looks along with also a layout, it’s a direct hit among the customers. Regardless of all of the high-tech specifications, enhanced user interface, and also a fantastic layout there are still a few tiny bugs. However, these are able to be cared for using little android hints and tips. Among these issues is that the Galaxy S6 overheating issue. Many users have reported that their Galaxy S6 becomes overheated after conducting heavy matches when they use it for many hours or even with no clear reason in any way.

Galaxy S6 Overheating Message

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For all Those people that are confronting the Galaxy S6 overheating issue, we’ve got a created this little guide so you can fix it. A solution for Bluetooth issue and many others will also be given on Technotes.

Galaxy S6 Overheating Message

Steps to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 overheating issue

You can Use some of these methods to fix the overheating issue in your Galaxy S6. We advise you to proceed with the specified sequence. The first method is simplest and you may proceed if it does not work.

Method 1:

The Easiest and simplest method to fix the Galaxy S6 overheating issue would be to restart your Galaxy S6. Simply switch off your Galaxy S6 phone. Wait for a couple of minutes and turn it on again. It’s fairly possible that this little restart may fix the Galaxy S6 overheating issue.

Method 2:

There’s a Chance that a third party program may be the cause of your Galaxy S6 being overheated. To try this you may begin your phone in Safe Mode. Safe Mode permits you to use your phone in its simplest state, i.e. time once you bought it and there were not any programs installed by you personally. To Visit the safe manner:

  1. Switch Off your Galaxy S6 phone.
  2. Press The power button to switch it on again.
  3. When You find that the Samsung Galaxy S6 emblem then immediately press down the volume and maintain it pressing until the phone’s screen becomes loaded.
  4. Should you Were successful then you’d have the ability to observe a Safe Mode emblem in the left side of your Galaxy S6 screen.

Now you Can use your phone for a short time. In case it does not get heated up afterward a third party program is a reason for the Galaxy S6 overheating issue. Everything you have to do is uninstall third-party programs one by one, beginning with all those you recently set up, or else, you can conduct a factory reset.

Easy Fix for Galaxy S6 Overheating Issue:

  1. Clear Cache info
  2. Wipe cache partition
  3. Boot Into safe mode and disable tumultuous apps
  4. Restart Your phone multiple occasions
  5. Update Programs
  6. Eliminate Battery draining programs
  7. Factory reset your phone

Method 3:

If Eliminating the third party programs does not work then you may try cleaning up the cache from the phone. Now for people who don’t understand what cache is, it’s the temporary files saved on your phone’s memory from programs and android method for greater and fast performance of your phone. Thus deleting the cache will not influence your individual files and information. It is possible to try wiping off the cache to fix the Galaxy S6 overheating issue without worrying about your own individual information.

Cleaning The cache up is rather simple in Samsung Galaxy S6. So as to do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Switch Off your Galaxy S6.
  2. After The phone is switched off, press and hold the Power, Volume Up, and Home buttons together and keep them pressed until you find that the Samsung Logo along with a Recovery text written on top in blue color.
  3. Here You’re able to browse through the choice utilizing Volume Up and Down key. Proceed to the Wipe Cache Partition choice and choose it by pressing on the Power button.
  4. This Would require a couple of moments.
  5. When it Is done you may again understand the menu which was shown previously. Proceed to Reboot System today and pick it with the power button
  6. The Phone will restart from the standard manner along with also your Galaxy S6 overheating issue has to be solved.

Method 4:

If none of These methods works then the final resort would be to factory reset your phone. This can delete all of the user information so that you would have to produce a copy of important data prior to performing a factory reset.

Now to perform A factory reset do as clarified.

  1. Ability Off your Galaxy S6.
  2. Utilize the Process in method 3 above to visit the recovery menu.
  3. Here Proceed into the wipe data/factory reset choice and select it with the button.
  4. Now select yes — delete all of the user information’ and press the power button.
  5. Now Your phone has gone straight back to the factory settings along with all of your information was erased.

Should you Still undergoing the overheating issue then you need to take your own Galaxy S6 to The retail shop where you bought it for your own carrier.